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Yes. Health is really wealth. If we lose properties or money, we can regain, but if we lose our health, it is not always possible to regain. Therefore only prevention and promotion of health are important. Health is not the mere absence of diseases, but physical - mental & social well being. You need to be totally and comprehensively healthy.You can be healthy even with out doctors and medicines
In today's busy life most of the people ignore their health for their conveniences and taste. Also people seldom do physical work and eat more food than required calorie for their work. When people feel little uncomfortable, immediately they take medicines. Due to all these reasons obesity / over weight, stress, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer etc. become common problems to many. 
Since Prof.VGK had practiced Community Health for more than a decade, he wanted to contribute to people's health in a simple way and hence thought of simple but effective health interventions. His social mission is to help people improve their immunity, reduce toxins in the body and control 10 + major health problems with his health care products. He believes that food is medicine for many diseases and also can prevent. He admires Indian kitchens for herbal ingredients. 
He wants to drive coffee / tea from all homes and make people take more herbal beverages and Green Tea. In all his health care products, he is using KAYAKALPA herbs, tested for their health benefits for ages. His products are better alternate for people can't follow best health care practices. Almost every one has the heath awareness and also a positive attitude, but simply not practicing. 
In India, people listen to doctors when they are ill and once they become better, refuse to follow healthy practices. People invite diseases and spend more money to recover from problems. Instead every one can spend little money to prevent health problems and promote health. Prof.VGK offers health care products even free of cost to health conscious people who can not afford the cost. 
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