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Social Intervention
Social Responsibility
Prof.VGK firmly believes that whatever expertise he has got is obtained with the help of his teachers / trainers, superiors/ colleagues/ subordinates, clients and trainees and by the society. Hence he wants to give back all the expertise to the society at large and he considers it as his professional social responsibility. One can make money using his/her expertise to meet reasonable needs of life and then he can spend his professional & personal time for under privileged people to improve their quality of life. Even one can use most of his income for his and family needs and at least spare some income for social concerns. It is a more purposeful and satisfying life.
Every one to his/her capacity can come forward to address social concerns. Majority of the people are not having all that they need and they are to be helped to meet at least their minimum needs. In India, majority of the people need help in education, health and to have a reasonable employment. Instead of giving them some relief, we need to help them manage their needs themselves. To make this possible, philanthropists, corporate companies, professionals of all kind and social minded people should contribute their way regularly.
Even ordinary people can contribute to social development and it is their personal social responsibility. If not they can spend money for social programs, they can spend some time to make social missions possible in their own way. When people are in need, they expect somebody to come and help them. Similarly every one can help someone needing some help, which is possible or can get it done through others. This social concern is a must for everyone, which can make the society better.
Philanthropists in our country spare their resources on many unproductive and welfare activities. Instead, if they can donate funds to developmental activities, impact can be more. Similarly corporate companies in the name of corporate social responsibility, spend lot of money on some projects. Many a times, they do not identify right projects. Many professionals really want to extend their expertise to under privileged people, but they do not know as how to have the opportunity. Generally speaking, considerable people are doing several social activities, without thinking of cost effectiveness and considerable people want to help the needy but unable to create the right opportunity.
Prof.VGK, with his 20+ years of community health & development has several social concerns and willing to help philanthropists, corporate companies, professionals and social minded people with proper projects suitable to their capacity and interests. They can individually or as a group can sponsor social activities of their interest. Sponsors can see the benefits themselves and can take up programs in and around them. People who can’t donate money can very well spare some time in activities they have interest as volunteers. Prof.VGK welcomes sponsors and volunteers to take part in his social mission.
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