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Why we give Corporate Health tip daily?

Every business is started with more planning and with a vision to grow faster. Unless organization development measures are taken regularly and proper systems are followed, Corporate Health may come down. Corporate Health Assessment and proper Business Process Reengineering are to be taken care of regularly for better business performance. Even big companies struggle to maintain Corporate Health and hence small companies and Entrepreneurs doing small business are to be helped with regular inputs and it is in this line offered freely to business people and as well people aspiring to start some business in the near future.

 Due to internet and technology, almost all people related to business know the best practices to maintain health of their business, but in reality and due to pressure of work many a times, they lose sight on the best practices. Hence they need somebody to remind them of the best practices for Corporate Health. Daily corporate health tip is for this purpose only.  Every tip may be simple, but can motivate and contribute to your organization development greatly. I offer it free of cost, as part of my Professional Social Responsibility.

 In turn, I want you to share the corporate health tips you know, even simple and small tips, so that it can benefit more business people. Every day, come with one or more corporate health tips and share. It is not a compulsion, but a humble request!  This Give & Take can help you get more tips and also help a larger population to benefit. Inform all people you know to avail this offer. Daily sharpen one best practice and make others learn something from you too. It is part of your Personal Social Responsibility. When you help others, you grow automatically!

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