Prof.V.G.Krishnamurthy is professionally trained in Management, Psychology & Statistics. He had worked for national & international organizations in several HRD projects. He had worked with corporate, Government departments, Educational institutions, Health institutions, Corporate NGOs & Funding organizations. He is a Management Consultant, Mentor & Trainer for 30+ years. He had worked for large, medium and small companies and for various types of industries.

Christian Medical College & Hospital, Vellore, N.A, Tamil Nadu: He had started his career with CMC and was teaching Community Health Management to medical professionals. Also he was practicing HR / Management in Community Health & Development, through training & consultancy to other leading health institutions in the country. He had served the organization for 12 years.

While he was in CMC, he had developed a 15 months diploma course – DCHM (Diploma in Community Health Management), equivalent to Master of Public Health in abroad. The course had 50% international students. He had coordinated the course for 6 years. Through this, more health administrators and community health managers were created.

Also he had developed a simple concept of indicators to measure community development at micro level as an alternate to an international concept of Physical Quality of life index. PQLI was having a constraint to measure development at micro level. It is a significant contribution to NGOs in evaluating their performance reasonably.

Guide to international students on Research projects: Apart from his routine jobs with the organizations served, he had guided more than hundred international students came from several universities, referred by international experts, in their research projects, which were part of their university curriculum.

Working with international experts: He had the privilege of working with eminent personalities of world repute in different fields, on various HRD projects. He has regular working relationship with many foreign universities regarding research projects of their students, exposure to Indian culture and developing cultural collaboration with Indian villages.

Self-improvement books: He had authored a simple self-improvement book in English, YOU CAN ACHIEVEMORE. It is a boon to students and success lovers. It is well received by all sections of people within and outside India as an excellent gift article. It is a very simple but powerful tool for self Awareness. It is the inspiration to pursue ACHIEVEMORE Library program.

Self-introspection program: He has evolved a new concept of training, Self-introspection as the first step to achieve anything and trained 1000s of people in the entire country. Moslo’s theory advocated self-actualization as the last step in the achievement pyramid. But Prof.VGK made self-actualization as the first step in every aspect of achievement. Self-introspection program is an outcome of 20+ years of his R&D in self-actualization process.

HRD program to school students: He had experimented a novel HRD program for 1 year with 900 school students of age 9 to 14 in 3 towns in Vellore district to improve academic performance, leadership skills and to overcome limitations & problems, in collaboration with industries, schools and social clubs. It was highly appreciated by all and this made him develop more programs to students.

Professional social responsibility: He firmly believes that whatever expertise he has got is obtained with the help of his teachers / trainers, superiors/ colleagues/ subordinates, clients and trainees and by the society. Hence he wants to give back all the expertise to the society and it is his professional social responsibility. He is more committed to work with students to make them as great achievers and leaders. Also he is keen to help all those, who have an urge to ACHIEVEMORE to become great leaders and successful entrepreneurs.