Secrets of Success

Why people are keen to find secrets of success?

Only dozens of persons think about success strategies and give guidelines to the entire world and they are regarded as management Gurus. Billions of people read these strategies and only millions of people try to use them, of which only a few thousand people may see success and most of the people experience failures and problems in achieving their goals using the expert strategies. Therefore success is conceived as a rare aspect and a puzzle in life and hence people try to find the secrets of success.

How to increase success rate?

If the success rate of people improves, more people would try to follow success strategies more seriously. It is nice that at least some people in all parts of the world think and develop success strategies constantly. If the people who follow those strategies share their experiences, success or failure, it can be more valuable and can help more people to understand properly as why some succeed and why many fail. This analysis can make people have clarity in using the strategies properly.

Success stories are not shared fully

Very rarely, people share their achievements with others. If they share their achievements and the struggles underwent, it can sensitize more people about success strategies and motivate people to try success strategies effectively. Media is highlighting a very few success stories and that too very superficially and from that, people may get motivated to achieve something in their way, but they may not know, as how to employ the success strategies


Failures and problems of people can be prevented

More than dos, people must know don’ts to improve their success rate. Seldom people share their failures and problems with others, as if it can spoil their image. But if people started sharing their failures and problems, they can help many more people to avoid failures and problems in their life. It is a great contribution to the society and thereby time, energy & resources of more people can be saved and people can try to take proper success strategies.

Experiential sharing is more needed

Behavioral science says, if one can achieve anything, everyone can also achieve it, if the same strategies are followed. On the other hand, if people know as why others fail or get into problems, they can find better ways to succeed. Experiential sharing can play a very big role in the society in making people to succeed more. In reality, to make an achievement, one may fail several times and achievers agree to this fact. Achievers analyze their failures and reorganize their strategies and succeed.

Every success loving person must share his / her experiences

Hence Prof.VGK wants to influence the population at large, particularly success lovers to share their success strategies and their ideas, achievements made and its complete account and also the failures /problems they encountered in their efforts to success. In other words, every success loving person must come forward to share their knowledge and ideas, as how to succeed, with others. Similarly, they have to share their achievements and the real experiences in this regard – ups and downs. Further they have to share their failures and problems in their pursuit of success and their reasons. If every success loving person is determined to do this experiential sharing, it can be a great contribution to the development of society.

Share your knowledge without hesitation

You are an ACHIEVER! Surely you may have some ideas, as how you can succeed and as how you can help others to succeed. You would have acquired this knowledge from your hard work of reading several books, browsing in internet, listening to eminent people etc. Every one may not have the opportunity to have this knowledge as you had. If you share this knowledge with others, other people can have it more easily and you can be a factor for their success. You have to make this contribution without hesitation or reservation. When you share your knowledge, your knowledge will improve further.


Share your ACHIEVEMENTS! Yes, whatever appreciable achievement you make, please try to share that with others as how you had started, what are all the problems you had anticipated before started working for that and what are the new problems you had faced and how you had managed the problems and who are all the people helped on your way and in your point of view, what are the real factors for your achievement etc.

Also you can share as how many times you got frustrated and wanted to give up the task and then how did you get the energy and perseverance to continue and succeed. This experiential sharing will impress and sensitize every one with whom you share and it can alter their life significantly. When you share your experiences, you can self – introspect your strategies and could find new strategies to achieve much more in the future. Also this sharing can give you a pride and satisfaction.

Share your failures and problems with a positive note

More than dos, people must know don s to improve their success rate. Seldom people share their failures and problems with others, as if it can spoil their image. But if people started sharing their failures and problems, they can help many more people to avoid failures and problems in their life. It is a great contribution to the society and thereby time, energy & resources of more people can be saved and people can try to take proper success strategies.

Share your brain

Prof.VGK wants a communication revolution in the months to come. Yes. Every success loving person must come forward to share his / her knowledge about success strategies, achievements and failures & problems as interesting articles on this website in order to help other success loving people to get benefitted. Of course to succeed in any aspect, many important aspects related to that are to be considered. In reality, even if you would have taken care of all important aspects, still you could fail due to small & simple aspects. Hence even these simple matters can be regarded as secrets of success. You can try to share this also.

Ask questions about success and Success strategies

Every success lover must have an urge to find more appropriate success strategies. General strategies can act only as guidelines and may not suit exactly for every individual. Hence the available general strategies are to be customized to suit you. Success is not automatic and only you have to work hard for it. Believe, there is no short cut to success. In case you have short cuts, they may not work in all occasions. Hence you have to understand, what is success to you and try to have proper strategies to achieve success.

In this regard, you may have several questions and doubts, which you have to share with others to get possible answers and solutions. If you hesitate, only your success will get delayed. If you ask your questions today, you may not get the answers immediately, but there are chances that you may get the answers sometime later. Also your questions can influence other people to start asking questions. Asking questions is itself a sign of success. So, please ask all possible questions to make your success path smooth. Also encourage others around you to ask effective questions.

Be a member to publish articles and to read articles

Also, Prof.VGK wants every success loving person visiting this website to read the articles to enrich their success strategies. It is a free benefit available on this website to all success loving people. In turn, they can also share their experiences. To share an article or to read the articles, you may have to register yourself as a member on this website, which is totally free for everyone. Interested people can go to member registration section and get registered. Then you will get access to this facility. You can send an article to Prof.VGK on any aspect narrated above, after moderation your articles will be published on this website on your name and visible to visitors for one month. You can also send all your questions on success and success strategies to Prof.VGK and he will try to find answers to your questions and share it on the FAQ section.



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