Success Intervention

Since he is a management professional for 30+ years, he wants to contribute and help success lovers with his success intervention programs. He wants to offer all his ACHIEVEMORE inputs as online programs so that it can be available to all those, who have an urge to ACHIEVEMORE free of cost or at a very small cost.

He wants school students, college students, home makers, working people aspiring to be entrepreneurs, business people, corporate executives, NGO staff & self-employed to avail his inputs and manage their challenges effectively, improve their performance greatly and achieve their goals adequately. Since inputs are available online, success lovers can avail them in their convenient time.

He dreams to author 100+ books in the length and breadth of ACHIEVEMORE concepts and make them available as ACHIEVEMORE Library at cost price, so that every family can afford to have it. He strongly believes that it can make the parents to read them and elevate themselves, so that they can give ACHIEVEMORE environment at home. Children can also use the books and interact with parents at home and as well at school about ACHIEVEMORE concepts. It can help them grow as ACHIEVERS.

The following programs are offered to success loving people to improve ACHIEVEMORE skills and create an ACHIEVEMORE environment to become achievers:

Personal programs:

»   Mentoring & Coaching

»  In House Training

»  Corporate Health Assessment

»   Self Actualization Lab


»   Holiday camp for students

Online programs:

»  ACHIEVEMORE Strategies

»  ACHIEVEMORE Motivation

»  Self Actualization

»  Personality Audit

»   Self Training Techniques